Reby was driving down Interstate 40, heading west through Putnam County, when he was stopped for speeding. A Monterey police officer wanted to know if he was carrying any large amounts of cash. “I said, ‘Around $20,000,’” he recalled. “Then, at the point, he said, ‘Do you mind if I search your vehicle?’ I said, ‘No, I don’t mind.’ I certainly didn’t feel I was doing anything wrong. It was my money.” That’s when Officer Larry Bates confiscated the cash based on his suspicion that it was drug money. “Why didn’t you arrest him?” we asked Bates. “Because he hadn’t committed a criminal law,” the officer answered. Bates said the amount of money and the way it was packed gave him reason to be suspicious. “The safest place to put your money if it’s legitimate is in a bank account,” he explained. “He stated he had two. I would put it in a bank account. It draws interest and it’s safer.” “But it’s not illegal to carry cash,” we noted. “No, it’s not illegal to carry cash,” Bates said. “Again, it’s what the cash is being used for to facilitate or what it is being utilized for.”
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