The Ron Paul Newsletters

The New Republic expose on the Ron Paul Newsletters is only part old news—it adds some new quotes to the mix, and some of these quotes are awfuly troubling.  If they are not explicitly racist, they certainly dance upon the line.  Dr. Paul has taken “moral responsibility” for the quotes, explaining that he too freely let others publish the newsletter under his name, and that he was not aware of the content of the articles until after publication.  

I believe Dr. Paul when he says that he did not write the articles in question and that he did not have knowledge of their contents prior to publication.  (Indeed, his current campaign seems to be largely propelled by people and groups that act with little coordination or communication with his official campaign.)  But Dr. Paul has never given a full, detailed accounting of how these newsletters came to be published, nor has he advanced an explicit and specific denunciation of the statements contained within them. I fear that this is because he does not want to alienate hate and conspiracy groups that lend financial support to his campaign.  This is sad.  If Dr. Paul clings to these fringe groups, then he is destined to be only a fringe candidate.

 [Update:  Paul has responded to the allegations here, but this isn’t nearly enough.  He needs to take questions from reporters on this.]