Tiger Woods

I don’t get it.  I mean, I get why people are interested in the story.  But I don’t get this narrative:

So now that the “real” Woods has been revealed as a wild bone-daddy who behaves more like your out-of-work, alcoholic brother-in-law than an object of worship, we feel cheated. Aside from the hundreds of millions he’s earned from golf tournaments and endorsements, turns out he’s a lot like the rest of us. Our hunger for salacious news about him isn’t necessarily about voyeurism. We’re embarrassed by the gap between who we believed Woods to be and who he really is; and, having put Woods on that pedestal, we want to bring him down where he belongs—with the rest of us sinners. We’re like the kid who, upon learning that there is no Santa Claus, conducts a wide-ranging investigation to determine how such a fraud was perpetrated on him. And we’ll keep consuming Woods news until our picture of him more closely conforms with reality. We love to crown kings and cultivate messiahs. And then kill them.
"I’m human and I’m not perfect," Woods said in his post-crash communiqué to his public. “I am not without faults and I am far short of perfect,” he reiterates in his second communiqué, published today, in which he confesses his “transgressions.” Gee, Mr. Woods, where did we ever get the idea that you were perfect? Oh, from you!

Did Tiger Woods really present himself as “perfect?”  He built an image of himself as the coolest, calmest, and best golfer in the world—not the best father or the best husband.  Did he write books professing expertise on fatherhood, like some philandering celebrities?  Did he counsel presidential families dealing with adultery, while carrying on his own indiscretions?  Did he lambast others leading his exact same lifestyle?  No.  So what did Tiger do?  He drove a Buick in a commercial.  It’s not the same.

None of this excuses Tiger’s indiscretions.  He let down his wife and children, no doubt.  But let’s not pretend he let us down too.  We haven’t been victimized here. Feel free to follow his story.  But don’t think you’re noble for doing so.

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