I Voted for Gary Johnson

That’s no surprise to readers of this blog.  He was the best libertarian candidate of my lifetime, which is faint praise perhaps, but true nonetheless.  

It’s amazing how candidates that get no media coverage or debate invitations get equal space on the ballot.  The only time we take these people seriously is the moment people are in the voting booth.  We tell them “no, no, no” right up until the very last minute, and then say, “here you go.”  

Four years ago, the President was making history.  Tonight, he’s just trying to defy it.  Any decent candidate should have been able to beat him, but the Republicans couldn’t field any decent candidate.  

I feel less invested in this election than I’ve ever felt before.  Every four years, people proclaim it the biggest election ever; this election seems about as small as any to me.

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  3. goodfellers said: Gary Johnson was such a good candidate.
  4. banefulbastion said: Bullshit. Ron Paul knows his shit; Gary Johnson knows the popular Reason and CATO article staples and that’s it. He really needs to read some Rothbard, Mises, or Hayek and get learned.
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